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fLowers are just tiny trees

poetry by @thetumblrpoet

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flowers are just tiny trees by t.t. poet
poem from flowers are just tiny trees by t.t. poet
flowers are just tiny trees (paperback)
flowers are just tiny trees (paperback)
back cover for flowers are just tiny trees by t.t. poet

flowers are just tiny trees (paperback)

across its 3 parts and 88 pages, this poetry book will confront some of life's biggest questions: "why am i here?", "what is the point of it all?", "what is poetry? is this poetry?" 

each poem will hit you like a phone to the face when you're texting on your bed. reading this book is like staring into a mirror that was just a wall all along.

"out of all the poetry accounts, yours is my favorite."

"next rupi kaur."

"i just shed a tear through my a**hole."


Customer Reviews

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refreshing !!

I was LMAO the whole time reading the few lines I have read so far. Really refreshing poetry 😅

Christine Hammonds
Flowers are just tiny trees

I really am so happy with this purchase. It was my first purchase using Apple Pay and my first purchase buying something that I found on Instagram! It was delivered super quickly and it is just such a cute inspiring poetry fast read! So much fun!

Brie Vanderwolf
better than expected

I kept getting ads for this and finally decided to buy it. it came super quickly, and is even better and funnier than I thought it would be. definitely a good purchase.

Amber Tarlton
It's the best book I've ever read

Seriously everyone needs this book 😂

Hans Brewer
Sometimes flowers are just flowers

Sometimes they are much more.
Here they are indeed.
Much more.

the story behind t.t. poet

t.t. poet is a satirical project that started with the harmless question, "How hard is it to become an instagram poet like rupi kaur or r.m. Drake?"

And went way too far for an answer.

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